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Frost Models is a top tier agency  that connects talent in the adult entertainment industry with the top leading studios and brands.  Owned and operated by adult film star Shane Frost, Frost Models has over ten years of award winning experience setting the gold standard in a gay porn agency!


Why choose Frost Models?  It's simple.  You can apply for work on your own but what happens after you apply?  Sometimes you can get lucky and get a response but in most cases your application winds up in a black hole with hundreds of others.  Frost Models sends your model sheet DIRECTLY to 75+ different casting directors email box! These e-mail addresses aren't available to the general public and you won't be able to find them online.  Want to skip the application and waiting process and get your photos to the head of the line?  Then become a Frost Model today!


Shane Frost has over ten years of PERSONAL on set interactions and experiences that has merged

into an impactful developed network known as Frost Models!


Becoming a successful model involves a few things. Of course, there's the look that needs to be marketable. However, equally important, you must be DEPENDABLE and you must be PERSONABLE. This is a business and professionalism is what makes a model ultimately succeed.


If this is something that you think you're interested in doing, great! Frost Models will do everything we can to make it happen for you.  At the end of the day, if you succeed, Frost Models succeeds!


Frost Models is always looking for athletic guys that are 18-35.  A six-pack body is required 90% of the time.  If you are a muscle dude with no abs or a twink with no abs, we may be able to work with you.

If you're over 30 we may still have some work for you.  We work with almost 75 top name studios, the most out of any gay talent agency, thus giving Frost Models the best chance at finding work!

**Models must be 18+, live in the USA and have two valid USA IDs or valid working papers to apply.



Frost Models deals mostly with top named mainstream studios such as Falcon, Hot House, Lucas Entertainment & dozens more!  You can always apply to be a model with a specific studio, but as stated before, that application just winds up in the "application pool" along with all of the other applications.

This is where the ten plus years of experience that Shane Frost has will come in to play.  Shane Frost knows each and every one of the studios and their directors personally as he has filmed with them ALL!

  • Wouldn't you want someone with ten plus years of personal on-set experience working for you?

  • You can only find that with Shane Frost of Frost Models! 



How well does porn pay you may ask?  It can pay very well.  EVERY studio is different on their pay scale but your payday can be VERY lucrative!   If more than one studio likes you, then that's even more money for you.  If you do a great job, studios will want you back.  Needless to say, the pay can get VERY GOOD, but most of it is up to you!

Your attitude on set, your look and your performance is what will propel your career as a porn star. 



Not 100% ready to get into porn?  No can still make money from the comfort of your own home through the following outlets!



OnlyFans:  OnlyFans is just like Twitter, except you charge fans a monthly fee to access private photos and homemade videos that you upload!  Follow these steps to maximize your monthly subscriptions:

1) Keep your monthly rate reasonable.  You will make more money with a $4-8 monthly fee versus $10+ as more people will sign up if the rate is reasonable.

2) Advertise on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Tumblr that you have your new OnlyFans page and post teaser photos and videos to get people to join. ::THIS IS KEY!::

3) Post a lot of content on your OnlyFans page, especially hot homemade solo or sex videos.  The more you post the better chance those fans will renew every month!

CLICK HERE to learn how you can sign up and start making money today though OnlyFans!



JustForFans:  JustForFans is just like OnlyFans.  Post the same contact as you would on OnlyFans and make twice as much!

CLICK HERE to learn how you can sign up and start making money today through JustForFans!




Web Cam Work:  Frost Models has paired up with Flirt4Free, the leading cam site for guys!

CLICK HERE to learn how you can sign up and start making money in as little as 30 minutes!



Post Porn / Get Paid:  It's easy as that! Most big studios have affiliate programs where you can sign up to become an affiliate (for free!), post promo photos/videos of their latest scene releases along with a special generated link

that's assigned to you and if someone clicks your link, you will get up to 60% of whatever they spend on the porn site!  I personally makes hundreds of dollars every month just by posting some promo content on Twitter! 

CLICK HERE to promote Next Door Studios / Falcon Studios!

CLICK HERE to promote Broke Straight Boys / College Dudes!



Model Referral Program:   With Frost Model's referral program, you can earn up to $250.00 for every model referred to Frost Models!  You will receive $150 after they complete their first booking and an extra
$100 after they complete their second booking. If you would like to be a talent scout, please email to get started!


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